Meet Australia's largest ever agrifood delegation visit New Zealand at the Summit

I'm delighted to share details of the largest ever delegation of Australian agrifood and agritech stakeholders to visit New Zealand. For any New Zealand agrifood business or agritech company looking to engage with potential Australian partners, there can be no better opportunity to meet in-person than the 2035 Oceania Summit on 10-11 October.

The Australian Summit Speakers include:

  • Professor Andrew Campbell FTSE FAICD, Former Chair of the GRA & CEO of ACIAR
  • Richard Heath, Executive Director, Australian Farm Institute
  • Professor Mark Howden, Director ICEDS, ANU and Vice-Chair, IPCC  
  • Dr Anna Okello, Livestock Systems Program Lead, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
  • Robert Waterworth, CEO, FLINTpro, Australia's leading land-sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions system.
  • Sarah Nolet, Founder of Agthentic
  • Professor Michelle Colgrave, Future Protein Lead, CSIRO
  • Nick Hazell, Founder, V2, Australia’s #1 plant-based meat company
  • Matthew Pryor, Partner, Tenacious Ventures, Australia's only dedicated agrifood tech venture fund
  • Jo Kelly, CEO, Australian Seaweed Institute
Our Australian Summit speakers are being supported at Auckland's Aotea Centre by delegates from key Australian government, research & industry-led organisations who are traveling across the Tasman. These include;
As New Zealand business emerges from COVID lockdowns, border closures and re-connects to the world, the 2035 Oceania Summit provides a unique platform to develop new partnerships and accelerate new opportunities for Trans-Tasman collaboration. The Summit's programme has been designed to make this happen.


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