NZ Minister Damien O'Connor to join California Agriculture Secretary, Karen Ross, at the Summit

What's Next' is the final session at the 2035 Oceania Summit. New Zealand Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor and California Agriculture Secretary, Karen Ross, will discuss the incredible opportunity for New Zealand agritech companies to leverage increased collaboration across the Pacific.

Dennis Donohue, Director of the Western Growers Technology & Innovation Center in Salinas, North California will join the session remotely. The panel will be moderated by Summit Convener, Peter Wren-Hilton. It's an appropriate way to bring the Summit to a close. Details about a major Growers Summit in Salinas next June will be shared. It will provide an opportunity for New Zealand and Australian agritech companies to showcase their solutions to a large audience of growers impacted by a number of challenges.

Climate and sustainability are issues shared by farmers and growers on both sides of the Pacific. If you are looking to scale your agritech business, this session and the networking that will surround it, simply should not be missed.

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