A hugely Successful Summit!

It took 18 months to get there, but last week we finally got the 2035 Oceania Summit across the line. It was an amazing 48 hours of great presentations, great networking and great outcomes.

We've updated the Summit portal with some of the photographs and videos taken at the Summit. Over the next week, we'll be sharing a full suite of 25 different videos covering the entire proceedings. And what proceedings they were!

When we began to design the programme last year, we wanted to create more than a two-day conference. We wanted to build a platform from which actionable outcomes would occur. We were not disappointed.

  • We witnessed the signing of a Letter of Intent between New Zealand and California to increase collaboration across a number of areas in 'smart agriculture'
  • The New Zealand and Australian Seaweed Associations signed a Memorandum of Understanding to increase trans-Tasman collaboration to scale the size and impact of the sector
  • MFAT hosted a one-day Symposium immediately following the Summit to focus on the Pacific Islands, food security and climate change
  • Wharf42 and Western Growers were able to announce a major 'Growers Summit' in Salinas, California in June 2023
  • Multiple opportunities to leverage the Summit long-term have also emerged. Since the Summit closed, our Inboxes have resonated with multiple 'What's Next?" requests.

Wharf42 will be spending the next few weeks processing what we learnt in both the lead-up to, and at the Summit itself. The conversations will linger on, reinforcing the key purpose that created the Summit. How to support farmers and growers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions whilst adapting to a changing climate.

For both producers and consumers, this will be one of our key challenges in the years ahead. 



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