Summit Programme

The Climate-Focused AgriFoodTech Sector Event of the Year!

The 2035 Oceania Summit delivered the most significant set of climate-focused AgriFoodTech presentations and panel discussions that the Oceania region has ever experienced. To ensure that these conversations continue, we've added each presentation and panel video to the Programme below.

Through 2023, we will continue to develop these conversations through our new Video Podcasting platform and planned Events schedule.


Day One — Monday 10 October

7.30am – 9.00am


9.00am – 9.15am


9.15am – 9.20am

Welcome from Summit MC, Julian Wilcox

9.20am – 9.30am

Welcome from Nick Hill, CEO, Auckland Unlimited, City Host


9.30am – 9.55am

Plenary: The State of our Climate

Keynote Speaker: Aimée Christensen, Hillary Laureate


Identifying opportunities to develop a net-zero food production system

This session looks at the opportunity for New Zealand & Australia to develop a net-zero food production system. Given global consumer trends, this will provide a significant boost to farmer incomes as it will cement the region's reputation for producing premium food in the most sustainable manner. A must do session for everyone involved in the food production supply chain. From farm to fork.

9.55am – 10.15am


Speaker: Dr. Victoria Hatton, Director, Sustainability and Climate, PwC NZ


10.15am – 10.45am

Panel Discussion

Speakers include:

·      Professor Michelle Colgrave, Future Protein Lead, CSIRO

·      Nick Hazell, Founder, V2, Australia’s #1 plant-based meat company

. (Moderated by Pip Grant, Loambio)


10.45am – 11.15am

Morning Coffee Break

Leveraging the scientific advances being made by our research community

Our region's research community develop some of the most amazing science and IP in the agrifood space. Taking that science and IP and converting it into actionable, commercial output to help farmers and growers adopt new growing models is a critical component as we transform to a more sustainable farming future. Learn from these experts on the pathway they are on, to make this possible.

11.15am – 11.35am


Speaker: Richard Newcomb, Chief Scientist, Plant & Food Research


11.35am – 12.10pm

Panel Discussion

Speakers include:

·    Dr Tanira Kingi, Emeritus Scientist, Scion; Climate Change Commissioner

.     Stephan Weise, Managing Director, The Alliance of Bioversity international and CIAT in Asia

. (Moderated by Simon Yarrow, GM, Agritech, Callaghan Innovation)



Plenary - The New Zealand Agricultural Opportunity

Keynote Speaker: James Shaw MP, Climate Change Minister


12.30pm – 1.30pm

Lunch (sponsored by Ecogas)

The 2035 Challenge: Reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions

The Summit is not shying away from the greatest challenge that the region's agriculture sector faces; it's significant contribution to GHG's through livestock methane emissions. These sessions look at some of the emerging growing systems, technologies and tools being developed to reduce these GHG's. This is one session not to miss. It's a key element of the Summit's purpose. Supporting farmers and growers address and reduce their GHG's.

1.30pm – 1.55pm


Speaker: Professor Andrew Campbell FTSE FAICD, Former Chair of the GRA & CEO of ACIAR


2.00pm – 2.45pm

Breakout 1

The Seaweed Opportunity

·      Steve Meller, CEO, CH4 Global

·      Clare Bradley, CEO, Agrisea

·      Jo Kelly, CEO, Australian Seaweed Institute

. (Moderated by Nigel Bradley, CEO, EnvioStat)

Breakout 2

Carbon Farming:

·      Robert Waterworth, CEO, FLINTpro

·      Sarah Nolet, Founder, Agthentic

.     Simon Petrie, Manager Operations, Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service 

. (Moderated by Pip Grant, Loambio)


2.45pm – 3.15pm

Afternoon Tea

Empowering our farmers to adopt new ways of sustainable agricultural production

Working in partnership with Farmers Weekly, we are planning to showcase farmers and growers who are adopting new growing methods to move towards a carbon-neutral future which is not only good for the environment but is also generating increased financial returns as global consumers demand (and pay for) product with a reduced carbon footprint.

3.15pm – 3.30pm


Speaker: Richard Heath, Executive Director, Australia Farm Institute 


3.30pm – 4.10pm

Panel Discussion (sponsored by Farmers Weekly)

Speakers include:

.     Sarah Perriam, Producer, Sarah's Country

.     Mike Taitoko, Co-founder, Toha

. (Moderated By Dean Williamson, Publisher Agri HQ)


Taking decisive action to preserve and conserve our oceans

The region is called Oceania for a good reason. Yet did you know, as the planet’s greatest carbon sink, the ocean absorbs excess heat and energy released from rising greenhouse gas emissions trapped in the Earth’s system? Today, the ocean has absorbed about 90 percent of the heat generated by rising emissions. As the excessive heat and energy warms the ocean, the change in temperature leads to unparalleled cascading effects, including ice-melting, sea-level rise, marine heatwaves, and ocean acidification. This impacts on everything we grow and affects coastal communities across our region. Nigel & Bren will discuss opportunities & strategies we can leverage to help address this significant challenge.

4.15pm – 4.50pm


.     Dr. Nigel Bradly, CEO, EnviroStat

.     Bren Smith, Co-founder, Greenwave

4.50pm – 4.55pm

Day 1 Close - MC

5.00pm – 6.30pm

Networking and The Festival of Food Reception (curated by Peter Gordon)

Jointly sponsored by Ecogas & Fonterra

Not any food! Over two days, renowned chef Peter Gordon will be curating a menu of delicious carbon neutral food for delegates. That's morning teas, lunches, afternoon teas and the Monday Festival of Food Reception. And yes, meat lovers will get to taste some very satisfying product from across New Zealand!


Day Two — Tuesday 11 October

7.30am – 9.00am


9.00am – 9.05am

Introduction to Day 2 by Summit MC, Julian Wilcox

9.05am – 9.30am

Impact of Global ESG Policies on Agritech and the Food Industry

Keynote Speaker: Jaime Nack, President, Three Squares Inc

Fireside chat host: Mitchell Pham, Chair, NZTech


Encouraging investment into the region's growing agrifood tech sector

The Oceania region has the science and the entrepreneurs with the capability to bring exciting solutions to the table. As our changing climate continues to impact on our farmers and growers, the need to accelerate this activity has only grown. Scaling the research and commercialisation opportunities requires increased investment. Learn more from both the entrepreneurs and the investors about the 'why and the how' in this important session.

9.35am – 9.55am


Speaker: Elizabeth Fastiggi, Global Head of Agritech, AWS


10.00am – 10.45am

Breakout 1

Meet the Entrepreneurs:

·    Bruce Smith, Co-founder of Eko360 and Tnue

.     Bridgit Hawkins, Chief Sustainability Officer, CropX

.     Geoff Bates, CEO, Pastoral Robotics

. (Moderated by Brendan O'Connell, CEO, Agritech NZ)


Breakout 2

Investment Panel:

·      Matthew Pryor, Partner, Tenacious Ventures

·      MJ Alvarez, Investment Manager, WNT Ventures

·      Guy Royal, Director, Tuia Group

·      Gavin Ross, Group GM, Marketing & Innovation, Plant & Food Research

.     Tim Wixon, Head of Technology Industries, BNZ

. (Moderated by John Harvey, MD, AgriFutures Australia)


10.45am – 11.15am

Morning Coffee

Pacific Food Security, Agriculture and Climate Change

The Summit is honoured to be joined by this Session's speakers. There can be few regions in the world facing as great a peril from climate change as the Pacific Islands. In this keynote session, the rubber hits the road. We'll learn about the existential challenge being faced by food producers in the Islands and how the rest of the region can support them tackle this challenge. 

11.15am – 11.40am

Keynote Speakers:

.     Dr. Moses Amos, Director General, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity, Vanuatu 


.    Mrs. Temarama Anguna-Kamana, Head of Ministry of Agriculture, Cook Islands 


11.40am – 12.30pm

The Pacific Island Agritech Panel

.     Mr. Unasa Nomeneta Saili, Director and Chief Technology Officer, SkyEye Pacific, Samoa  

.     Ms. Nancy Irwin, Founder and Managing Director, Kamapim Ltd, Papua New Guinea

.    Mr. Minoru Nishi, Managing Director of Nishi Trading, Tonga 

. (Moderated by Mr. Malcolm Bossley, Country Director for the Market Development Facility (MDF))


12.30pm – 1.00pm

Introducing the Pacific Island Food Revolution


·    Robert Oliver MNZM, Producer & Executive Director

.     Professor Steven Ratuva, Director, The Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies


1.00pm – 2.00pm

Lunch (Sponsored by Fonterra)

Voice of the Customer

OK. So New Zealand & Australia produce great, premium food. Time then to listen to the other end of the supply chain and their 'sustainability programmes' going forward. What will the likes of Tesco be looking for 3-5 years from now and will the term 'premium' include significant reference to a product's carbon footprint? Yet another 'must see' session.

2.00pm – 2.40pm


·      Natalie Smith, Head of Agriculture, Tesco

·      Alice Ritchie, Agriculture Sustainability Manager, Tesco

.     Dana Muir, Head of Natural Capital, BNZ

.     Andrew Cooke, Rezare Systems

. (Moderated by Michelle Cole, EHF)


Addressing Food Waste

How many times have you heard that we need to increase food production by 40% to feed the world's population in 2050? Against the backdrop of our changing climate? How about flipping the coin? What can we do to reduce the current 30% of food production that is not being consumed. Reducing food waste and the importance of the circular economy lie at the heart of this session. By 2050, the reality is that hundreds of millions of lives will depend on it.

2.40pm – 3.15pm


·      Ethy Levy, Founder, Israel Impact Fund

·      Andrew Fisher, Director, EcoGas

. (Moderated by Sarah Nolet, Founder, Agthentic)


3.15pm – 3.45pm

Afternoon Tea

What's Next?

Where to from here? We are thrilled to be joined by the California Department of Food & Agriculture Secretary, Karen Ross, and NZ Minister of Agriculture, Damien O'Connor. This session will talk about 2023 and specifically how our region's agrifood sector can engage more closely with California as we collectively address the increasing challenges created by climate change. 

The final session will be introduced by Professor Mark Howden, Vice Chair of the IPCC Working Group 2. The reality, but also the opportunities we face, will be an appropriate way to close two huge days of conversations we just have to have.

3.45pm – 4.05pm

Keynote Speaker:

.     Professor Mark Howden, Director ICEDS, ANU and Vice-Chair, IPCC Working Group 2 


4.05pm – 4.50pm

Keynote Speaker:

.     Secretary Karen Ross, California Department of Food and Agriculture



.     New Zealand Minister of Agriculture, Hon Damien O'Connor

.     Dennis Donohue, Director, Western Growers Innovation & Technology Center

. (Moderated by Peter Wren-Hilton, Convener, 2035 Oceania Summit)


4.50pm – 5.00pm

Closing Remarks