Introducing Peter Gordon's signature 'Festival of Food' 2035 Oceania Summit menu

When we first began to build the 2035 Oceania Summit programme last year, showcasing New Zealand's finest and most sustainable food was a core part of the planning. We commissioned renowned kiwi chef, author and bake-off judge, Peter Gordon, to curate a menu with a low to neutral carbon footprint that would deliver a delicious and unforgettable delegate experience.

Supported by the Summit's key Festival of Food sponsors, ecogas and Fonterra, Peter has delivered. Seriously. Below, you can view some of the signature dishes that will be served over the two days of the Summit.


MONDAY 10 October
Morning Tea
  1. Cheese scones with whipped smoked paprika butter 
  2. Bacon and egg pie - Freedom Farms eggs and bacon, spinach
  3. A vegan frangipane type slice – jam base, coconut butter in mixture, no eggs
Buffet Lunch
Artisan breads
  1. Braised Lumina lamb, celeriac chunks and small potatoes, minted pea salsa
  2. Bostock Organic Free Range Chicken thigh and Urban Hippie miso coconut curry
  3. Steamed and roast cauliflower and Pukekohe carrots, Fix & Fogg peanut satay sauce
  • Roast kumara and Kiwi Quinoa, Pinoli pinenuts, karengo salt
  • Raw broccoli, carrot and apple salad, Raglan coconut yoghurt dressing
  • Grilled zucchini, shaved cucumber, GF crouton salad, The Good Oil EV rapeseed and mustard dressing
Afternoon Tea
  1. Freedom Farms Champagne Ham + Eggs and kumara frittata
  2. Falafel, beetroot hummus, strained coconut yoghurt
  3. Rhubarb and Taranaki macadamia crumble slice
  4. Tongan Heilala vanilla shortbread topped with pistachio mascarpone
Cocktail menu
The Festival of Food
  1. Freedom Farms pork belly, Hakanoa ginger glaze
  2. Pacific Islands seared tuna, coconut relish, crispy curry leaves, lime mayonnaise
  3. Pumpkin arancini, Fonterra cheese
  4. Beer battered Moodew paneer, tamarind relish, minted raita
  5. Silken tofu, sweet n sour cucumber, soy caviar

TUESDAY 11 October
Morning Tea

  1. Rocoto cheese scones with whipped butter 
  2. Mushroom, feta and silverbeet quiche
  3. Freedoms Farm sausages. chutney

Buffet Lunch
Artisan breads

  1. Braised Greenlea beef, mushrooms, chickpeas, leeks with mustard crème fraiche
  2. Freedom Farms pork dish – sliced, served with an apple and cabbage coleslaw (Vietnamese mint, spring onions) tossed with dressing made from reduced apple juice, lemon juice and olive oil
  3. V2 mince ‘meat balls’, tomato ragu sauce, butterbeans or similar
  • Roast pumpkin, pumpkin seed pesto, sunflower shoots
  • Raw cauliflower salad, coconut yoghurt and ginger dressing, toasted sunflower seeds
  • Super Foods salad adding NZ wakame seaweed 

 Afternoon Tea

  1. Bostock Organic free range chicken sausage rolls
  2. Spinach, kumara and zucchini frittata, pesto
  3. Solomons Gold chocolate brownie with blueberries
  4. Mini stewed apple or pear and honey tarts, toasted hazelnuts
We are hugely grateful for the support of some of New Zealand's most sustainable producers; Greenlea Meats, Bostock Organic Free Range Chicken, LuminoFreedom Farms and Australia's V2 for their support in providing sustainable protein. Plus the many smaller, boutique producers who have provided incredible ingredients to make up Peter's outstanding menu.

Some final combinations may change, but the amazing taste and delegate experience won't. Conference food will never taste the same again!


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